Testimonials from some of our clients.

Helped My Son

By having Silver Angels here to help with my son, it has provided me access to work in my beauty shop. We chose Silver Angels so we could keep my son home with his family. I enjoyed the set up process. It was nice & Ashley was like family, it meant a lot to me & Jeffery. Silver Angels helped us, emotionally, through the extreme times with Jeffery. Brian was our helping hands. When I requested a male worker, it was questions asked. Brian offered that male companionship that Jeffery needed and he loved it when Brian called him his “buddy”. His whole face would light up and it’d make his day. Brian was like our extended family. He was tender, loving, caring and helped with chores. Silver Angels was definitely our extended family..our comfort at our worst.

Ms. Evelyn

Wonderful Joy

Joy has been so good to me at helping me clean my home. Thank you for sending such a sweet worker!

Fr. W

Delicious Meals

My meals I get are delicious and I really like the new way of getting 7 meals at one time. Your delivery aide brings them into my kitchen with a smile. Thank You Silver Angels!

L Carr

Dear Ms. Gallaher:

I’m writing to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for all your hard work accomplished in my home. I can honestly state that you’ve made this house a real HOME! As a recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetic, please be aware your sharing of health knowledge, diet and nutrition has been appreciated and and helpful.

Ervin Hardie Parker III

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